Thoughts from the Executive Director

Anyone who knows me, knows that my heart beats for the cause of life. I used to say I’m Pro-Life, but after 12 years of working with men and women who are walking through the abortion decision, I now more clearly think of myself as being Pro-Compassion. I believe in the intrinsic value of ALL human life, which includes the babies AND both parents of those affected by abortion. While my heart breaks for every child lost to this tragedy we call legalized abortion, I also mourn for every man and woman who walks through the hell of having this choice available to them, and choosing it. If I’ve learned anything from the women I’ve served at Hope Pregnancy Ministries, it’s that NO WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE AN ABORTION. But when faced with the harsh realities of a broken world and her broken life, paired with the lies our culture tells her about abortion, too often fear wins out. And when that happens, men and women make a choice that our culture tells them is no big deal. Their body, their choice. A clump of cells (yes, abortion doctors are still telling that lie). SHOUT YOUR ABORTION. And, God help us, that she can make that decision up until the day of delivery. Don’t believe the lie that this law is only in the case of medical necessity; it is not. And do not believe the lie that NY is the only place where this is happening; it is not. Last week, before learning about the NY law, I told a group of middle school students to decide what they believed about abortion and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. To not be like me…because I was pro-life all my life, but didn’t do something about it until I was 40 years old. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen more people responding to this issue than I’ve seen in 12 years, from friends who may be just like I was…pro-life, but uninvolved. Thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. And if you decide that now’s the time to DO SOMETHING, you know who to call. I’d love to visit with you. If you care about what’s happening in New York, Virginia, and other places across our country, you can do something about it right where you live. Because men and women everywhere are suffering from the pain of abortion, every day. It’s not just happening in New York.

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For the cause of life,