Clear Choice Clinic provides knowledgeable, compassionate and confidential medical services to men and women seeking care for their sexual health needs. Whether facing an unplanned pregnancy or possible exposure to a sexually transmitted disease (STD), the staff at Clear Choice is committed to providing the information needed for patients to make an informed decision.

The Heart Behind the Clinic:

The scope of Clear Choice now spans beyond that of a typical Pregnancy Medical Clinic, and we are excited to share how this growth has worked to expand our mission as well as our impact!

Why Offer Pregnancy Services?

When a woman finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, it is often the greatest and most frightening challenge she has faced in her lifetime. Hope Pregnancy Ministries acknowledges that in our country women have the legal right to choose one of three pregnancy options: parenting, adoption or abortion. As a life-affirming organization, this presents a challenge of our own. How do we recognize this right while holding to our Christian values? We have found that the answer rests in one word. Compassion. Jesus asks us to embrace all who walk through our doors with the same love that Christ displays in scripture. We believe that we cannot and should not make a woman's decision for her, but rather provide truthful information about all of her options. In so doing, we can help guide her toward a decision she can be proud of: a fully informed decision. Patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly show that our patients feel genuinely cared for by our staff and that visiting with a patient advocate for options education, discussing their medical questions with a nurse, and seeing an ultrasound are all vital in helping her (and often her partner) make a clear choice.

When a woman chooses to carry her pregnancy to term, Hope Pregnancy Ministries is committed to supporting that decision by assisting moms and dads through pregnancy and the early years of parenting at Hope Family Resource Center! For women willing to explore the idea of adoption, we partner with St. John's United. Clear Choice Clinic is honored to provide care and offer community resources to help men and women to succeed on their pregnancy and/or parenting journey.

You may ask, "What if a woman chooses to end her pregnancy through abortion?" In that case, we are fully prepared to wrap our arms around both her and the father of the baby through an after abortion care Bible studyAs a pro-life organization, we are both pro-baby and pro-mom, and our heart goes out to the woman making the painful choice to terminate. We pray that every patient leaving our clinic feels so loved and cared for that she is comfortable to return at a later date for further support if needed.

Why Offer STD Testing & Treatment Services?

Five years after the opening of Clear Choice Clinic, we realized we were missing an opportunity to have a much broader impact, so a program to offer testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STDs) was launched. This was a stretch for our staff and our donors, but it is a step we would never take back. We asked ourselves, "What if we could engage in lifestyle conversations with both women and men before they faced an unplanned pregnancy? And what if even one of those patients avoided having to make the abortion decision as a result?” In adding this service, we became proactive, rather than reactive, and now have the opportunity to intervene in the lives of men and women before they experience the devastating consequence of an unplanned pregnancy. The doors for sharing a different viewpoint of sexuality have opened wide, and although we may never be able to measure the impact, the discussions our nurses have with STD patients have been profound. Our nurses have found a surprising openness to lifestyle change from many patients as they discuss abstinence before marriage, fidelity within marriage, self-worth, self-control, and sexual health. It is remarkable to note that God's view of sexuality lines up very closely with the recommendations given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which lists abstinence as the number one way to prevent the contraction of STDs! Our AAAHC Accredited medical clinic offers the highest standard of care and our patients are often surprised that a free and low cost clinic could be so professional and caring. View the Clear Choice Clinic patient website. 

How is Clear Choice Clinic Helping Others?

After achieving accreditation, and seeing our effectiveness and outreach expand with the addition of STD testing services, we wanted to pass forward what we had learned in order to benefit other Pregnancy Medical Clinics across the nation. Since 2015, CCC has offered on-site, two day seminars where clinics are given the tools and training needed to implement this valuable service, both on an administrative and patient-care level. We are passionate about helping our sister clinics to work with excellence and reach more men & women with a positive alternative to the world's view of sexuality.

In May 2019 a Mobile Medical Unit was added to the services of Clear Choice Clinic, to visit underserved areas of northwest Montana. We currently take the Mobile Medical Unit to Browning every other week to offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STD testing and treatment.

In addition, Clear Choice has become a clinical site for Montana State University nursing students. We are grateful for this opportunity to introduce students to the professional work being done at our non-profit medical clinic. They are amazed that such a top-notch facility is made possible by donors like you. Thank you.

Hear a transformation story from a Clear Choice Clinic patient: