Last week I received a message from a patient I took care of almost 11 years ago. When “Ashley” came to the clinic, she was determined to have an abortion…she just didn’t see any other way. Over the course of two months, we worked with her. I remember it being an exhausting and emotionally taxing experience. The message I received from “Ashley” last week included a picture of her with her darling daughter. It said, “I just want to reach out and express to you how incredibly grateful I am for you, your work, and your team’s work. In less than one month, we’ll be celebrating my beautiful baby girl’s 10th birthday. Without you, this year would look very different. I will never be able to thank you enough for teaching me how to be brave, and that I was capable of raising a beautiful, healthy, smart daughter. She’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Your support for Hope Pregnancy Ministries makes stories like this a reality. Without you, this year would look very different for “Ashley” and many others like her. Thank you!